Spironolactone For Excessive Hair Growth

recorder, or eliairman who tried the case. Tlie ,weaker he is
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Convocation approved of the objects of incorporation of th&
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J. W. Law, Miltord Haven. (M) F. J. McCann, M.B., London ; Mr. J.
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cures chlorosis, unanswered. He has, however, done a good
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1015 ; no blood ; no albumen : quantity, 31 ounces. I opened
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inaugural address on Brief Notes on the ilateria Medica of
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Certainly no case of cholera occurred here during the recent
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Volunteer Battalion Cheshire Regiment (late the 4th Cheshire), and Mr.
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tissue with a contraction of the vessels throughout the body,
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the death of Jolin Hunter, and last Tuesday was the 165th
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of the subordinate medical service with pharmaceutical chemists in
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Foster, Albert Ernest. M.R.C.S.Enfc., US. A., appointed Medical Superin-
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pledgets of antiseptic cotton and iodoform coUodium. In
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ties. In deciding whether the housing of a patient comes
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of bacteriology and are in possession of a sufficiently power-
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public health, during each and every visit shall exercise all
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exhibition. On the other hand, on increasing the amount
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probably arose on a vegetation at the lower border of the
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out the dangers to which medical men were exposed by false accusations,
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mission will probably sit twice a week for six weeks more
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cytes have been noted subsequent to excision. To this I have
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longer th.an he might desire to do so, but only made both husband and
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Royal College of Physicians in 1891 (which we were able to
spironolactone for excessive hair growth
force was used to make them perforate the now thickened
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28.7 per cent., but this low rate is accounted for by the admission of so
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organisms, and at the same time revealed the whole origin of

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