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lower extremities being much more frequently affected than the upper.

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tutional idiosyncrasy, which is frequently hereditary. Heredity is traced

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tite for certain and peculiar articles of food, are early symptoms. In most

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fulness of the jugular veins. The respiratory acts become more and more

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duced by hyper-extension,»or by forced abduction and external rotation.

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the paroxysms of dyspnoea, with less distress in breathing during intervals,

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turned on the side or moved in bed, and an ice-bag should be applied

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times it is of a chocolate or bright orange color. The change in color

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to stick firmly to the skin strips of adhesive plaster which extend par-

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Differential Diagnosis. — Tiie early stage of cirrhosis may bo iiilstakcii ior

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cases of "hemorrhagic ^Jhfhisis.'' J. Hughes Bennett finds the lakes of

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Abscess formation is generally of two kinds, Circumscribed and

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Being BxpUumtions for the General Header of the STatnxe and Quality of the

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perature will gradually rise to 104^-105°, iinlike the sudden rise of lobar

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birth. There are cases where it is said the child was born with evidence

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importance to the physician, as it furnishes him a harmless method by

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arise whether a free opening shall be made through the chest walls. As a

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gastro-duodenal catarrh. Most of the structural diseases of the liver may

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we consider the many affections in which Osteopathic treatment has

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any wound in which there is an opening sufficient for drainage, the

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to be nearly as marked as in the typhoid variety. The symptoms of bilious

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bladder, which is followed by a copious flow of bloody urine ; in intestinal

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conditions, may induce plastic phlebitis within a vein.

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Professor op Pathology and Practical MEnicisE in the Medical Department of the Univbr-

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solution of caustic potash, all the components disappear, and the bacte-

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tion by one who has an accurate knowledge of anatomical relations.

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these changes ; namely, the uriniferous tubules, the blood-vessels, and the

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abnormally increased until the period of crisis is reached, when it gradu-

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ing. Because of his great skill in reducing old- dislocations of years'

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the pulmonary vessels, especially those of the main trunk, are thickened

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whenever pus formation is detected, to make a free incision and evacu-

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