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bacteriological investigations, that blood-poisoning by noxious material
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nites, diarrhoea often with slight haemorrhages, a second series of roseo-
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saliva, tinged with blood, issues from the angles of the mouth. The
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development — such as microcephaly, anencephaly, amyelia, and con-
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Australia. — The regions of Australia, possessing climates suitable
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of acute endocarditis micro-organisms are formed ; and though in some
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are largely due to absorption into the system of a cliemical poison or
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swollen, and the eyes are closed, the ears are greatly thickened, the
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oouoter-currents, and for tbe pons varolii, septum lucidum, fornix, m»-
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of undrained ; in summer the temperature of drained land is occasionally
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drainaii'e. the avoidance of contagion, and the like, form the main head-
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by means of careful test-tube experiments as the cases progress towards
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Palsy of the oesophagus, tongue, lips, cheeks, are possible but very
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Care would necessarily have to be taken not to go straight to a child
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them in high esteem. It is possible that a reaction from the excessive
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in and about the pelvis, involving the peritoneum or the connective
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fatal, appeared in winter or spring time, and gradually extended north-
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directly on nerve endings is practically much affected by the relations
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demic form, except when widely distributed by water, are some which
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recommending this plan in the rearing of youth : it would be found most
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In the terms of this theory, then, phagocytosis is the all-important
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odour in this form of gangrene. Frost-bite and ergotism lead to mummi-
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thoracic. There may be a disposition to vomit, and a little increasing
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They all knew that the sympathetic aflfections between the brain and
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those cdl\%di functional, climate can take a fair share. In mental depression,
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der Wasserkuren in chrouischen Krankheiten," Dent. Arch, fdr klin. Med., vol. xii.
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bat the patient should not leave his home for a month after the subsid- '
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known fact that in hot weather the disease is often more serious than
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