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a single injection and in a comparatively short time.

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no gonococci. In chronic posterior urethritis locate

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require surgical attention the nature of which will

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not be playing any part, in sickness and in health,

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Lunacy. For the Year ending September 30, 1909. Pp.

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of the subcutaneous layer of fat, the perforation has

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prudence, theology, and various special departments

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great value. His pathologic and bacteriologic data are abundant, and

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long standing cases a condition of general enterop-

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the phenomenon in this case as due to increased pressure within the brain,

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The pathological regenerations constitute a large group of adaptive

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and the reaction which fits the uterus for this great

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normal position, and a soft, ventricular systolic murmur, heard loudest

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acid, tincture of benzoin, or eucalyptus leaves. The decubitus should be

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December 2Sth. The face was of a light copper color,

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most efficacious. If the bromides are prescribed in

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suffered very little discomfort. She made a very rapid re-

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though to a less degree. There is decided congestion produced, both con-

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The position of the incision is very serviceable in the after-treatment, as

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As a bimanual examination ^vith a finger in the rectum failed to re-

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of animals, burglars, accidents, spirits, devils, and

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fession and not be confined to consultants and spe-

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The Electro-magnet in the Diagnosis of Particles of Iron or Steel

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development of the organs which are derived from this layer, viz., the

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was his inability to recall how his mother's hair looked,

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that they were married, — a "divine marriage," but would

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delphia Infirmary for Nervous Diseases from June 9, 1876, to April 15,

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chronic infections, especially the chronic staphylo-

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lage is a ventricular systolic murmur, but neither loud nor rough. The

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leaf; the whole is then moistened, with alcohol and

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time it recuperates its powers and lost energy, and

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prospects for medical men are not bad, especially in

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fect result. Seventeen of the eighteen patients were

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Case XX. Mrs. B., set. twenty-eight, complained of dis-

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attention is turned to the necessity for interference, ^vith a view to preven-

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eral health. Let tis look over some of the theories

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with the acuteness of the disease. Therefore I shall

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developed a peculiar maculopapular rash, d.ue, prob-

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instead of physicians. The writer concludes from his study that the puer-

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cisco, Cal., with one half of Co. B, Hospital Corps,

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