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existed.* Now, it is well known that irritation of the genito-urinary

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has only supervened after a morbid condition of the tissues has

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among the more than ordinarily great number of pilgrims congre-

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important to the practitioner. To enumerate them they are —

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dience to some injurious dictate of fashion — such as tight lacing, — the lungs on their

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although in a few the complications which occurred requix^

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like nature. Dr. Weber thinks that the treatment of consumption

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nancy. It may appear at any time after the third month in

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mia may be occasioned by internal inflammation, glaucomatous

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type of interference present in each individual case.

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medicines, though valuable aids in restoring health to the system, can never touch the

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of these tests are of some value, they are not absolutely reliable.

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nary prevalence that year in this country. In 1863, the number

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the most serious diseases which the ophthalmic surgeon is called

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duction. The one acute, the effect of a cause which is not yet

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membranes afti* nostrils, and the air tubes. "Working in paint and turpentine

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radial arteries are not much thickened, but the brachials are

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Shattuck, who states that the average of Irish life [the class mostly inhabiting

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But, alas, it has the power of deadliness in its bosom — it stings as with the enven-

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affected, whilo others only judge of and guess about them.

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found one case yield to this method," and to my own observations in

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The tape worm varies in length, from a foot or less, up to the almost incredible

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of these articles in New York, I have not now at hand the means of informing my-

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errors and prejudices respecting the Flagne, and pointed out the need of reform

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Cool, fresh air becomes absolutely necessary. While thus laboring for bra

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tissue filaments, and their extreme minuteness." The plant which

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case 6, complication is not quite clear, and in case 34 it was onlj

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monly responsible for the production of an enteritis of this type

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occurs without being followed by pyaemia ; that pysemia often

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The same humor or poison will destroy the lids of the eyes and the muscles of

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In nephritis retention of nitrogenous products may occur,

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importance as the recognition of which organ is diseased.

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successive days they become valuable, particularly when they

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death. According to French's, the temperature is only raised during

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I never prescribe for these cases being blindfolded, as many physicians do. It is

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the assassin is plunged into the lungs, and a cure is often effected. I have found

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obstinate and hard of cure. Before the invention of the Lung Barometer, I found

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The prognosis must be guarded. There may be half a dozen

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attack the offending food was discontinued and injections were

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existed in connection with an intervertebral cartilage just below the

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those who died in the families of the prosperous had lived, on an average, 45.6

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