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(1) The method is based on diazotization of the NH 2 group
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(1) The "completed test" is indicated when dealing with
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the tint of the skin changing from yellow to dark green (black jaundice).
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and he would be discharged in fairly good condition. But he
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flammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory and of the
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blood-picture is not in the least characteristic of pernicious
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up of fresh paths of infection by the original lesion, which, causing
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3 per cent. (0, 1, 2, 5, 8) over average weight by ideal tables, nor-
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First, that in all cases in which the os is but slightly dilated,
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shortness of breath. The physical signs were the same as at the
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specimen, so as to give a check to the results. Should these precautions
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increased, or every columnar cell may be distended with mucin. Again, the
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slovenliness. Skoda's example was a bad one. The doctor has two rules which
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this is degeneration or involution. Such degenerate forms, transplanted on good
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was expelled in about twenty minutes. In a few minutes frightful
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bronchial mucous membrane, this may, of course, act directly to
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neaewere ulcerated, and showed traces also of former ulcerations.
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of free iodine by adding 1 ml of the iodide solution to 10
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(2) Twice this amount of antigen emulsion may be prepared
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(a) It is essential that the blood be collected with minimal
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again rises briskly. Even on the second day an eruption of scattered
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introduced in a conical shape, and by steady pressure the spasm
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feces and are of doubtful pathogenicity. B. alkalescens is occa-
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with urates. The patient shows signs of returning consciousness, although
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the mental condition impro\ing with the fall in temperature,
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into the condition and history of the inmates of each of the alms-
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gram-negative rods which grow well on ordinary media and
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(B) The catheterism of the larynx applied to chronic stenosis.
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as given in paragraph 29 of the " Organon" are made, the author
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82. Trichocephalus dispar, in situ (after Leuckart)
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g. Tests for Presence of "Coliform" Organisms (Coli-
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ured in a colorimeter or photometer. The procedure is
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age of 5, typhoid fever, although not unknown, is uncommon; but it
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certain nervous changes (pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis), but its cause may be
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with the diseases mentioned, we have for reference recent statis-
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above species. Numerous multiseptate (3 to 12 divi-
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and swollen, and pits on pressure. The inflammation extends in all
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a. Single Samples. A specimen of urine passed at one voiding
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e.g. scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid fever, septicaemia, smallpox, and
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ries, which contracts their lumen, and the heart has more work
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3 per cent. (0, 1, 2, 5, 8) over average weight by ideal tables, nor-
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again the symptoms may advance, and death ensue from sheer exhaustion
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plants, most pollens are at once eliminated as probable causes of
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Enterobacteriaceae are placed in this "waste-basket" group. (See
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Legion of Honor ; while, on his side, they are the strictly scien-
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5. Use of excretion periods of 1 hour is not essential.

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