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of sufB.cient saliva and pancreatic secretion on the one hand and of gastric
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Lotions for Mercurial Stomatitis. The following formula is given
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A recurrence of scurvy a disease thought to have been
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slightly conical and twenty five cc. long. It usually has about six of
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at luncheon. He is very clever unusually clever and has
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in fevers of malarial origin and were of value in these in direct
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much light as others or even more therefore if the proper exposure in
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and hard labour. Happily there are writers in the Press and
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that are sore and amends an ill favoured breath. Mint is
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of the seventeenth century did the value of quantitative analy
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them few names which appear oftener or with more influence than
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had enjoyed moderately strenuous athletics swimming canoeing
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insensibility and sufTocation while the quick taking ofl of the pressure
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It has been said and truly that the obstetric forceps have
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ment of the teeth as may be required service to be rendered three
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istered hypodermically. In the algid forms external heat should be
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exists without the former. There are at the present time numberless
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disease broadcast. We have reason to believe that some such
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open windows in a hunger for oxygen to oxidize the cruel
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was then removed. It was enlarged and on cutting into it
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eenth day. After more tlian five mouths during a great por
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class of patients Bigelow s operation will be supplemented
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wanted to see about an artificial leg. Some months previously he
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probable that a portion of the supposed increase of fibrine
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it is presumable renders them more infallibly salealjle.
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regard to the frequency of this order of complex labour. Dr

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