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ing during some time is transformed into a fibrous cicatrix.

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Ipecacuanha was the only remedy used for the most part in grain

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ulceration once so very widely used is only rarely a good or successful

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This List is based upon an entirely new plan the result of an

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ated muscular fibres. The principal thing is to improve or rather increase

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A recurrence of scurvy a disease thought to have been

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service and is an authority on the Arab horse. An interesting

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the base of cranium and the upper and lower limbs sustaining

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the quantity of fluids there determined by such irritation.

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extends centripetally and by the third or fourth day the tongue is

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Nashville strong arm of support extended to sustain them.

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The Directory of Nurses which has been one of the benefactions

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arsenic. The quinia must be persevered in until all

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the local inflammatory reaction which always follows such experi

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