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obsemtioaB fnralihedby eqt Mit J. W. Smith of the United
cartigen nf dosis
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a backseat to more immediate problems such as drug or
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Dolens by Dr. Jennings and on the Management of Sore
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is usually a rapid and acute disease. Accompanying hydatids there is no
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optic atrophy no recent changes are seen in the fundus.
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case cured without operation. The patient died sud
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Such is a brief and of course rather imperfect sketch
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title The Cholera not to be Arrested by Quarantine.
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admitted into the Uopital des Enfansonthe th of August with stupor
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arities of action or properties which would serve to distinguish them
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a pithy summary of the development of the germ theory con
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found. The delirium persisted until the end which occurred on the
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Faroe Islands in which persons of all ages suffered with ecpial severity.
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time on there was little change except that coma be
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tion of albuminoids Azotsemia Azoturia Enzootic Haematuria Spinal
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Arm and Leg. The arm suffers more and recovers later. We must
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nature an incalculable amount of good has resulted from their
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of an incomplete examination. The clinical diagnosis of such a condition
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culture must be concurrent if the highest development is to be attained.
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symptom is absent. Sometimes there is a renewal of pain in the
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sible. Eegarding stables built in stories it can only be
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reduce the size of bloodvessels have no doubt having several times satisfied
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jection of five minims of cardine. It is scarcely necessary
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From three sources however more trustworthy information can be
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question is not one of prevention but relates to the
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mouth. The experiments of the earlier writers were not successful

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