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only repeat what other gentlemen have said that there have

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toriety as Congressman from New York. Messrs. Chit

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Jonnesco of Bucharest of the use of spinal anaesthesia for operations

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pense of the Society all blanks and examination papers necessary

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pings. A tray of ashes or sawdust in front of and be

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generally accepted view of the infection of the eyes by the vagi

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bedded and cut in celloidine. In none of the sections exam

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The general model underlying the analysis is of the

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tion Their orator truthfully says that such things are contemptuously

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between the organized societies of medicine in civil life and the Surgeon

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the roughened ends of bone acting on the tissues would

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and thoroughly dried separately by gentle heat pass

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is diminished over the dull area on the right side and the

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quarantined are prohibited unless the hides or skins and hoofs

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Aid Society has maintained the Training School for Nurses. For

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hyperplasias are true congenital goiters. They are identical with the

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seem to be supported by radiograms or clinical notes and details

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article for instance the excellent directions for diet and

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insufficiency. Strangely he failed to find an increase of carbon

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from washing them. Water as regards Health and Disease

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ances to effect double inclination combining means for extension and

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least for cervical manipulation of adults and a bill will be

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secure an equable distribution. Three sick cows were sent to

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hydrochloric acid and of being digested by pepsin hydrochloric acid

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