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form of disease.. There must be a rheumatic diathesis

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soon adopted and was ere long generally employed. The new practice

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an abundance of clinical and pathological material members

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The species and varieties extending from northern India to Japan China and

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may be regulated by mild cathartics such as salines the compound rhu

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case appeared to grow worse until an old lady was called in.

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was a distinct infi tration of purulent matter under

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advancing season necessary for the development of the long

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the new publlcationa refuaed the name and Bupt rt of proiai.

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Toronto University. The Dominion Medical Monthly expresses its

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tion is attested by the personnel of the men presenting

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Beumer and Peiper employed per cent peptone bouillon as a

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children of his heart and feeling all the uncertainty of life which is

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hours later found an intense polynuclear leucocvthe

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Composite and undated th century Arabic manuscript copied in

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posite side of the body to carry a sharp knife under

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gonorrhea and abortion would make more secure the lives and

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and Trachea Voice natural or altered in quality hoarse difficulty of

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of research proves that many diseases hitherto supposed to be

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the basilar site was the more probable one. The lesion was no

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precautions must be observed. In both cases infection is con

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Tuberculosis and Tuberculin Testing. Since the hand of Dr.

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cal exchange and that the toxic products of fatigue act

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its stimulant effect in restoring the normal state of nervous

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tate to proclaim in the course of this article that the supreme

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any animal that they may inhabit. The tape worm for

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We have already demonstrated that the typhus virus present in

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usually reserved for rebellious cases as obstinate sciaticas and

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