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urethra tbe prostatic portion of tbe canal was found

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latter fossa was the turn of the duodenum between its second

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upon the purification of sewage and refuse from industrial estab

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lands of the Eternal city offers the best and most extensive

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Jefferson Medical College Hospital Neurologist to the

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place to the more advanced symptoms of the stage of maturation.

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percentages of families. Differing only in proportion the

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sulphate have practically the same effect. It may be concluded from

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be hung over the horn when such food is supplied. Soh cl

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we had occasion some months since to express a favorable

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The chest permanently assumes the inspiratory form and the costal

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be thought impossible to err. But here we are again confronted by a

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sharp perforated nozzle ought to be used. From time to time

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sometimes a state of renal cachexia slowly makes itself manifest.

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These symptoms persisted for four weeks then resolved into a

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rapidly losing their covering of flesh standing out from

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A granule every half hour with the granules of digitaline and benzoic

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soft structures covering the bone fell in between the frag

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peared. In the case of Leitneria there is no such evidence

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ispect to all undertakings a disposition to seriousness sadness

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enty five after the phrase attainment of the age of and

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out of three hundred and sixty five cases of hip joint

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The management of diphtheria demands in the first place attention

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blood discs and fibrinous casts of the uriniferous tubes. There

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difficult to tell whether this function is preserved or not.

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neuritis differentiation is made easy by the infectious his

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spontaneously from the skin of the human being in from a

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of the danger of a fatal result from invasion of the pneumogastric nerve.

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Published on the th of each month price One Shilling Annual Suhscription

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ducing of course rapid evaporation yet not a case of fever followed.

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was surprised to find under her hand the child s face showing

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ing a remarkable affection with features very similar to those of typhus fever.

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We have been asked by a correspondent to tell what is

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