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Disinfecting Infectious Faeces such as of persons having

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rately observed of this complication with neuralgia and I am

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cause a prolonged illness ending fatally. If not followed by death

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in bodily decline and atrophy will supervene sooner or later. If

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collected crystals are washed with water and absolute alcohol and

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tractions as in draught racing fighting leaping tetanic con

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externally. The general improvemen in the form and shape of the

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rence of alkaline decomposition the pain and swelling in the loin the

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lar dislikes those who may awaken distressing ideas in others or

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power the reflex action being stimulated by the warm douch

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knowledge which afterwards formed the basis of his future fame emin

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to isolate and definitely prove the exact lesions produced by

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sclerosis myocarditis and especially of beer heart may be very

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In conclusion the writer calls attention to the fol

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As heretofore mentioned I first injected hypodermically morph

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solution tincture of guaiac changes to a dirty yellowish green. The

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and his experience leads him to believe that the authori

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given via the mouth. Rectal feeding with warm milk and

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the life insurance business to them make it a very much more

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asepsis has been observed. Various pathogenic bacteria are concerned in

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there were signs of goiter from the age of puberty to

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kidneys may be found altered. Kelsch found them increased in vol

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the less dense connective tissue which would be described as

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Factors in the Causation of Disease. By Victor C. Vaughn

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man woman and child becomes a literal tee totaller and anti slavery.

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tions of the cerebral hemispheres have been lost or injured without

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may be advised. A great number of remedies are recommended. Among

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structure or when there is change in the relation of

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death rate and in which the death rate is liable to be still

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cubic centimeter of fresh eel serum with successive quantities

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