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feature of belonging to the middle and advanced age.

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tipplicatioa in acute opthalmia. An ointment made by braising

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intestine must be made to the pyloric end otherwise

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metres in length was then implanted in an opening made

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give rise to lesions of the cord. That this is not true is

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number of visitors annually. The scenery about the place is fine the boating

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Objectives To gain information about the fundamental

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people of Maine consumed as much intoxicating liquor in proportion

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same time justifying his former treatment on the ground of the

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ognition is seen in the growing provision of hospitals and dispensaries

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were withdrawn. The fluid continued to dribble out and as no

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The OS was soft and dilated. The patient complaining

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in the acute stages of the disease its arrest by soothing applica

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A physical examination of the first year Harvard men

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Physiology of the British Association. These results

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by it. There is not only an individual idiosyncrasy some persons

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according to MacCallum although through the lymphatics would be

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smutty corn if these must be consumed to let the system

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The enterocolitis so common toward the end of chronic diseases may be

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diseases but on the contrary promotes a disposition to be

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nion but the greater number of writers particularly those of earlier

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cious attitude was obliged to terminate the interview. In

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profession and that convenience and not natural aptitude should

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power. On the other hand some healthy horses possess an

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