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patient is suffering from a poisonous dose of alcohol only. As before
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such an extent after travelling three miles as to be inert
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media which are less difficult to prepare. Coincident with this
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Messrs Editors In some of my contributions to your Journal I
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operation of Frere Jacques hypogastric lithotomy by
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ation. On the recovery from the first attack she remained well
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tura IS due Vi disturbances of the circulation and to intoxica
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transfers below which the DOC would not be expected to
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dred grains of the sulphate of quinine in five days for a slight
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should be composed of nitrogenous portions called albuminates
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passage by the kidneys of the ferruginous preparations employed in the
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them are closed up by that. Dilatation curetting repair of the
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able to withstand any protracted operation or severe
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adds is from over pressure by hard and unsympathetic
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On the whole this new edition is very creditable to the
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whether or not the separate cause of scirrhus took place at the
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his mother had twice aborted and she had scars syphilitic in the forehead
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the legs soon assumed the same appearance until finally
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which the mercurial column rises depends on the degree of tem
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from the iden thai the extirpation of the testiole at
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