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d. A per ceot. solution of carbolic acid the method of
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hardly able to stand or walk. In many cases he feels very weak
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weather hence the many cases of pleurisy and pleuro
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exposure is being accumulated. Very feeble patients may be
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sented in plate d. J he transpareni vericks pervaded the
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the dumping ground of tuberculous cattle not permitted entry
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Several affections are in popular language partly sanctioned by
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is in favour of tubercle having been actually deposited rather
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not only is uric acid not increased in amount in the urine
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such as operate at the expense of the whole system. Avoid
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After shaking the bottle pour a few spoonfuls into a
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strangers from such neighbouring towns and villages as had hitherto
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of the heart cannot be achieved with digitalis though it seems that
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now usually employ the term of peritonsillar abscess as
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hard work upon the road under which very few horses
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cyst or a localized osteomyelitis Brodie s abscess. The lesion
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root e.g. severance partial or complete and cooling by
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are liable to undergo decomposition sometimes for con
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and each leg is bandaged separately. As in all like ap
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I inth day Salicylic acid omitted. An impervious wall of
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ficial syphilitic laryngitis but the iodides of nier
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muscle of the heart or the vessel walls their functions and vitality
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eight hours every third day hence the name tertian. Very commonly
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tions of the spinal nen es of frogs and this seems to have
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is often associated with rickets and among old people in whom cere
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possible and noticing both the positive and the negative signs of the
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Baron Von Reichenbach thinks he has demonstrated that
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Mr. John Maitland and Mr. Blennerhassett making a double

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