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gressive Pernicious Anemia the writer refers to the differential diagnostic

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was staunched by the application of the red hot iron.

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these cases. At all events I have an impression that insidious nephritis

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six hours after the attack while in some instances there

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Contributions of Biochemistry to Psychiatry Alvarenga Prize Lecture

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are to day twice told tales. The exceeiling prevalence of digestive

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shall on every occasion after an animal is taken out and before any

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being made for their anatomic situation. He thinks the view

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lanous hair and skin very dark or blackish leuco melanous

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It does not give any reaction to organic acids except when they are

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to anil Lecturer on Aural Surgery at the Glasgow Dispensary for Diseases

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to give some rules for the guidance of a friend then

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have been chosen but if the list of successful candidates at such a

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of fowl roup in m. doses and of foals calves and pigs

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pancreatic juice upon the tissue of a previously diseased

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disease and chronic dyspepsia were pi ominent. After a complete

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only a feeble rapid heart action accompanied by low

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observations were made at the Hospital for Children in Vienna

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Third. Apply the palmar aspect of the last phalanx of the

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uous colicky pains of obstruction. In aU cases of colic in

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satisfactorily meeting an anticipated high mortality. While

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into the newspapers but I have not yet seen or heard of

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Typhoid fever localizes itself in the jejunum and ileum by

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sticky and adhere together and to the walls of the capilla

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between yaws and oriental sore are given under the latter disease

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than the leaves or seeds and continuing many years.

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ment of Health and Human Services based on the agreement

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disease and that various degrees of muscle weakness will be found

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the interdiction of certain movements such as sudden

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at the site best suited for artificial limb fitting.

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nothing extenuated nor set down aught in malice but have en

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A l in the convalescent volunteers. Perhaps more important was the finding

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marked constitutional disturbance exists with heat swelling

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on the tendons in the hollow of the heel causes much pain

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were small hemorrhages into the substance of that layer and

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