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or less uniform system of case recording and the gathering of
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our present laboratory methods so long a time often elapses
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followed by an aseptic fluid in order to remove the
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Slight maximum in July in London is much exaggerated iu
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In the section on management of labor and the puer
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nosis may be made of some of the diseases affecting the
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tion in the size or a decrease in the number of the tissue
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Fibrinous exudation and leucocytes within the alveoli
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the curve of the sacrum and ffecal matter is ejected forward.
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Associate Professor of Parasitology McGill University Montreal.
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taneously into the field of vision a result impossible to
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others is weaker and almost imperceptible. The heart sounds may be so
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Royal College of Surgeons of England should be addressed
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inducing syncope. It is as improper as it is futile
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into paranoid projection developed auditory halluci
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are particularly interesting to one who wishes to judge
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nitrate of silver being specuiUy referred to he liad
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both in diet and atmosphere must be carefully avoided
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tion of the kidney while thirteen years later Morris recommended this oper
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observations which I have made. From the time of the
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down as a rule that the water used for loweriug the
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young and valueless calves to the infection that the
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ing the aortic pressure falls because the over contracted
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Koning believed that milk contained substances inhibitory to the
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caseation without giant cell formation. Careful search
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