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the patient has died suddenly and unexpectedly the presumption is lio

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drochloric acid almost without effervescence and is

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uterus fi.xed unless it cut through the walls. It was ob

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the physician gives particular attention to the diet of the sich

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as Cape Mendocino or other California towns Imrdcriug on the ocean

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claimed. That the leucocytes frequently contain cocci in different

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tents was accomplished without opening the abdominal cavity and it was

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method sufficient constriction could be made with the wire to

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surface of the wedge thus stretching to any desired

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operations such as ovariotomy. At present they are not knowni. We

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ease and of one result of misplaced affections venereal dis

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versely flattened and has an increased consistency. In this

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percussion to ascertain the existence of heart diseases their diagnosis still

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tion of the noble qualities and of the scientific accomplish

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the respective national interiors. So profound was the condition

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attended by inflammatory chauges. euliug vi.ient of

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chemical normal reaction that has failed and the want of acid

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devoted ourselves to it has resulted that the saliva

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furnish a valuable pointer. In lead poisoning the muscles respond

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Tlie cause of the neuralgia which was symptomatic of some

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this operation. If amputation should after all be de

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purpose however as notwithstanding the excruciating pain

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exposure to uncleanliness. Minute punctured wounds also seem to be

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gally out from it to the parts which finally execute the

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Young liumals that are gioviug last are very hearty

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to bring large returns. Properly conducted and equipped state

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lished and all morbid symptoms have passed away save that the pulse

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years of age with a tuberculous family history. His

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ment of the heart. That is there are signs of hypertrophy and moderate

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It is the product of inflammation in and just beneath the

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definite knowledge is as yet available except that the

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