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in animals is phosphorus. It should be given in the form of

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In cases of perforating abdominal wounds it was per cent.

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will confine himself to such information as he thinks

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be considered in operating. The causes of the disease were

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condition of things than that which now exists is much to


from rags collected in our own country and I know of no evidence

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bitten produced tarantism. Old men of ninety threw aside their

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in relotively low incidence. As is characteristic of sympothomimetic agents it may

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slimy greenish bile was evacuated and then a greenish yellow fluid was found.

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a large number of investigators and we now have comparative

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the patient is hurrying for any reason and suddenly becomes conscious that

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nerve and to embolism of the arteria centralis retinae on the corresponding

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The Quine library contains bound volumes and a number of reprints

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Treatment. As the disease in the mass of cases appears to be

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case telling his family physician that he had rabbit fever and that

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It is the product of inflammation in and just beneath the

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over six years old nine horses contracted the disease within a

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therewith. It also is of benefit against every sore

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is a downward course the fatal termination being precipitated by an

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In tlie case of nippers or grinding teeth these should be

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ment Board and cases investigated by Dr. Barlow and myself

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which have lost part of their elasticity by atheromatous

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had been tied round with a thread. The next change con

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skin. It constitutes juite a respectable percentage

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the toe is compressed laterally and in its rolling between the third and

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