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of the Reading Hospital, Reading, Pa., Dec. 9,* 1942.

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disappears, leaving no other traces than a sense of diminished

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and good faith to patient, that will lead him to act promptly.— Re-

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lost. There are two ways. One is to employ centrifu-

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and averaged about twelve days, Albert E. Casey, M.D.,

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you adopted Baker’s simpler feeding method? We’ll

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The possibility of infection being conveyed to a large number

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We hope that we, of this generation, may transmit to the next

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direct their attention to the special issue of the Hebrew

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is endemic in certain parts of Long Island. But hereditary in-

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become a partisan organization in respect to all its appointments,

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and the festivities will go on. We still have plenty,

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tuberculosis societies are “Diagnostic Procedures in

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under a variety of diagnoses for a long time before the

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disease in Indiana, where during the past twenty years

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demonstrate the progressive changes in the retinal arterioles and in the retina resulting from hyperten-

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welcome and thanked the auxiliary for its co-operation

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For Rheumatism, Neuralgic pains, as well as the pains which

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absolute necessity of the operation and the happy result which

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fairly well developed and nourished man. There were

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volume that no one attempting to treat a skin ailment I

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without eliminating them altogether. Until recently no

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to give it a trial. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating

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be absorbed at the same rate as the glucose solution

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ability, responsibility, and avoidable factors could

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Naffziger and the Shugrue operations for orbital de-

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various wines, both in and after the various grades of fermenta-

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the military authorities, your reporter was glad to be-

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Whereas, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on June 1,

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