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vigorous puppy may be suddenly stricken down perhaps with

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is risk of hernia in the abdominal route. Hemostasis can be much more

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both presented an active localized peritonitis of recent development

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which the board gives notice of its intention strictly to enforce

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or in some cases occasional or temporary aphonia. The hoarse

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over exertion on hard roads blows bruises or freezing of

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toxins to still more toxic products which killed with typical anaphy

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Allow us to hope that you will cherish the most kind

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peptic symptoms were relieved and the assimilation of cod liver oil and

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tion. By Kochar tha axilla ia ckanad flom abova downward

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The illustrated Latin manuscripts here mentioned How applied

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able but slight hopes of recovery can be entertained if there be much

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due the safety of the place. The bullet entered about half an inch

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