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cases it can be prevented by the simple expedient of

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Now it seems there are a great many people who havefl

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The child, aged two days, was pale, very thin, and breathed with diffi-

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sorely as the young babies. Surely, after the first month

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season ; and it is also to be noted that not a single instance of any

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the first time in a female who had just lain in and was at the point of death from

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8. Jasrlijkiche Yttvlagen betrekkelyk de verpleging en bet onderwys in

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In two instances the Poor Law Commissioners had to exercise

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profits accruing from his publication will be devoted to it.

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weeks. He says it commonly occurs after intervals longer than

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hvnia, to the north of Kiev, and bordering on the southern provinces

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the right side two, on the right one opening through which the fluid

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