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great lameness from inability to stretch the skin and

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may also be divided into septic and aseptic. Wounds in the vicinity of

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mony have their advocates but their specific influence

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same with rheumatism the diathesis which constitutes that disease will

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cases the fluid escapes from the open surface. A similar exuda

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In a memorial notice on.Jean Martin Charcot published in

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loss of sensation but without the pain characteristic of

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be regularly withdrawn. Leeches and linseed meal poultices

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Departments consider such murmurs in the second and third

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largement intravesically as in the ordinary hypertrophy. In

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render it suitable for undergarments in both summer and winter

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ican ports. The perifocal zone or regions of periodic epidemics includ

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a second medical school as part of the University of

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ing in connection with primary malignant disease of the

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the examinations in heterophoria a subject which for its

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partially anaesthetic. When the eye has been involved the cornea frequently

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they generate in wounds appears as yet to be undecided.

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dle of its length or a little more forward. The pain is often

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be incomplete unsatisfactory and iuipractical le. As

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a single one. The work should have been called A treatise upon nitrous

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cautiously applied and should be early removed after their stimu

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the iris which usually takes place on completing the cor

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terity and care with which they are used. The patient too must

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which we have to pursue further investigations. The chief antiseptic

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Mayor Strong in which it was stated that tbe use of

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they are seen to consist of a minute mass of granular

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of the conserved serum. Further observations are needed

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advocate that in future the upper half of the vagina should be

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mental illness and treatment. A more reliable phenomenol

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has been lost to the profession by this omission on his part

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and bound them in the ties of pathogenetic relation

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American Medical Association died April from pneumonia

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