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may sometimes proceed without disturbance of health sufficient to excite

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eczema which has proved rebellious will yield well when the

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appears somewhat thickened although it may be thin in areas it is

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symptoms of toxajmia manifest themselves in the form of chills

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called attention to a decided improvement in the status of medical men

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at least of this gradually increased an end may be sooner put

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inflammation sets in which proceeds rapidly to recovery. In the

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comments of this morning it is a very inexact set of

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In looking over the titles of the addresses of gentlemen who

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which gradually get inflamed the skin breaks and a sore

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gency cases which is now in vogue in Brooklyn has been

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tracism will make him forever an outcast from the medical pro

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analysis was that obtained during the last twenty hour hours. The

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cystitis. It will thus be noted that three fifths of the re

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A lesion in the upper part of the lumbar enlargement produces motor

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are received into the civil and military hospitals of the city. Charged

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of hyperplasia and affections of the prostate causing

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almost dry. The wound was closed except for a small superficial granu

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periodical publications of the middle and eastern States an

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tan when the surgeon could have given better and more perma

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Surgery. At the same time the collection of Physical Apparatus was removed

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peculiarity. Also in infants or young children the disease is not uncom

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ity large bluish red elevated indurated areas appear from a dime to

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vasoconstrictors from very hot applications are of but short

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in the secondary F and this then flows through the patient H.

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the cavity its irrigation to remove shreds and the subsequent

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But if the nerve be irritated so as to produce a con

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Autopsy. Intestinal viscera healthy. Ligature had been placed at the

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the biliary duct. The heat and tenderness gave evidence of inflam

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