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sulphuric ether ; and to have half an ounce of brandy
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thinks herself assailed by medical theories. The law
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placed near a very damp wall, the other in an over-
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ledginfj tlie presentation, assured the subscribers that
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lor the results of experiments made with it. It is used
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to have been, in consequence of the difiiculty in obtain-
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effect. It certainly did not appear to him that they
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is a novelty in its way — " the last new thing of the
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Parker, Benjamin Whitehead, L.S.A., Karington, Lancashire
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For tliis troublesome symptom he advises patients, until
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atiected, and she was quite fixed in bed, but suffered
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Crickhay, Edward, Esq., to be Medical Officer to the Dilwj'n Dis-
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'(pi Dublin Journal of Medical Science, vol. xx, p. 471.
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quiescent for a fortnight after the first fits. That the
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lic interest is being excited by the account of the work-
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ing altogether the locality of the Society or enlarging the
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ing really the presenting part. It is very true that,
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simply an appanage of rank, and as such is regarded,
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about l-'25()0ih of an inch in diameter; with these were
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honourable man to infamy and ruin. Mr. Steele pointed
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ganisation, I retire from further discussion, with the
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Felce. At Launceston, on May 3rd, the wife of ♦Stamford Felce,
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negative. Dr. Eastlake regarded the case as unique;
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lung-tissue beneath the enlarged ends of the ribs, so
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toraised muscles, nor the ones that had been paralysed,
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posterior with the anterior eornua ; the posterior columns
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If, then, we admit the existence of a current of nerve-
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a proportion of 13'7 per cent, against 23-1 per cent, in
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All the essays thus selected for republication bear
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daughter, his only surviving child, who had intermarried

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