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number will now be relegated to other forms of muscular atrophy.
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ditions which he has thought gave them their immunity.
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reference to the transmission of yellow fever are given by Major Gor
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subsequent peritonitis. The necropsy in both cases revealed extreme atrophy
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has in my opinion removed all the most serious risks in connection
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any society while carrying extra work such as conditions
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tion is attested by the personnel of the men presenting
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contributions on this subject and in Eisner and Hawley
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appearance may date from a pregnancy in the case of men very often
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who already have enough children in their families.
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of exophthalmic goitre have been observed during the menstrual period
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by Schneevoogt. The ganglionic cord was found extensively affected
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ease than tinea tonsurans and its congener tinea circinata
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and the motor ganglia which are the starting point of motor
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little stranger awakens emotions in tlie maternal bosom
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hydrate like phenoresorcine has a marked antiseptic and
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Treatment. When the enlargement is present the contents
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are sufficient to warrant a separation of the two types of bacilli though
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due to Dr. Joseph Meltauer the writer s father who employed it in
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could be improved upon meeting as it does the wants of both the
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ful attention may be given to the study of cases of the
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