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short it was better to cut ofl the ligatures short and
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posed incision and through the margins of the abdominal
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of our infant population. Happily greater facilities are now given
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know that beneath the nun s clothing was the body of a
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ing doctor for. I he necessity on the part of teach
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the sun through the greater part of the day and the most
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and no tumor was detected by palpation yet on introducing
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siderable degree of skill to be properly used. There are several
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and tedious for unless the Examining Boards relaxed their rules
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continously fix his eyes. The bright object should be so placed
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memoranda and for recording the exposures found to be
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exfoliation hinders union from occurring till a late period in addition to
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in their personal or family history and to secure information
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the tolerance of high temperatures. That in some fevers
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veins were turgid and the general colour of their surface varied
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In regard to putrefaction Ililler J also lias shown
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with young professional people will be on a dignified fair
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business is entrusted to druggists middlemen and travel
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the joints are affected. Sometimes the small joints of the hand or foot
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the physician aided by intelligent assistance on the part of the
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is required in each tube and therefore all tubes contained in the
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been shown to be effective but it has serious side effects
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istic eruption appears. In typhoid fever there is notably a long period
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latter condition there may also be an entire lack of emission or
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there was a large number of English killed wounded or
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well rubbed into the skin over the pulmonary cavities at
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blood cultures were obtained twenty four or per cent

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