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Why should we not this evening be thankful that we have received our

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belonging especially to the National Museum are as close

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nodule is rapidly growing. Pruritus ani exists and is quite severe.

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tone in the blood plasma without a corresponding increase in excretion

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pulled under water but this process should not be practised on compound

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into the left side this was the discovery of Colombo and

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lation of effused blood compressing the lung the hemorrhage ceases.

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fore tried. This particular case may point to serum preferably

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In preliminary experiments Py la has exhibited similar

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prolonged illness due to typhoid fever pneumonia etc. occurring where

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it open until a cure is effected. If the dung be hard and

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silver nitrate solution using potassium chromate as an indicator.

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no especial infiltration or hard deposit is found. The

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Treatment of Diphtheritic Dysentery. The problem of

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The process of digestion and exercise normally exert a certain influ

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executives concerned with the production of medical supplies. It

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lodged in a wound it should be removed because of its

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would still further undermine nervous energy and add to the

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health at least in what appears very like good health. The patients

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Districts in Ireland along with the Average Salaries of the Medical Officers

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guish three and sometimes more well defined and distinct morbid conditions

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stone becomes impacted in the wall of the bladder inflamma

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