Clotrimazole 3

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complaint is arrested and the child has a better appetite and
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modest hopes were fully satisfied ; for it was not in his nature to
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iM>MPOSITIOX :— Silicate of Magnesia with Carbolic and Salicylic
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The diagnosis of hepatic abscess can hardly be made with any degree
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in these cases. The duration of the aflection varies much in diti'erent cases.
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post-mortem softening. It will not be likely to take place in cold weather,
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pear after death. The inflamed membrane is more or less softened by
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to the cause of attack, or the existence of constipation. If, as is gene-
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then the entire absence of the complaint might have been attributed
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bed sores prevented the application of a blister along the spine;
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flicted upon the eye, in this case, had caused the removal of the
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been vomited, in most cases presents a dark grumous appearance. Ex-
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under his notice were accompanied with high inflammatory action;
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and all forcible expiratory efforts the lower portion of the chest is more
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the affected parts, or by changes in composition arising from morbid infil-
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to excite and aid the efforts of nature in restoring the circulation, together

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