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summer session. The Thompson Silver Medal and the Treasurer s

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any wash the wound with soap and water then irrigate it thor

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experience that such an individual may quite well contract small pox.

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and Rehabilitation both of the Yale University School of Medicine New

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itself into the joint the colour of the contained fluid was

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acid and that is in the greater number of cases cured by it

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When speaking of classification I indicated these difficulties and

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iustruction is very important. The bandage should be gently yet firmly

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This affliction usually occui s as a sequel of some lin

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have aneurism and lastly antisyphilitic remedies may relieve the sjTnp

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Unfarora ile Condi ions. Death is Certain in Malignant Diphtheria.

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regulations to which we give a ready assent and approval. These

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Next to the pyogenic infections tuberculosis is probably the most common

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of the lymphoid elements. The microscopic picture cannot aside from the

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albuminuria and albuminuria of kidney disease. With

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relief. In a case with pleuritic pain three leeches

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of varied sorts are taking place in profusion. One of

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Candidate for the practice of Physic amp Surgery respecting

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believe that the histories of the following three cases will

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plications with a swab or sponge were made use of. Total number of

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titude of forces which act continually upon the organism. It

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Physicians and Surgeons at the Museum. Dr. Billings read an address

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discoverv of the auricular ganglion by Dr. Arnold is extremely interesting in

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every twenty died of nine day fits which invariably occur be

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