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doubt and that no man has a right to expect less for himself

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have been detrimental to the child s life but as it

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two animals received the same amount of fluid per kilo. After com

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an extravasation of blood on the surface of the dura mater our practice

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He also proposed the question Plow often is it impossible

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the larger and more t i ically streptococcic forms which investigators

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organ they form cysts some of which contain scoleces. The

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considered them hypertrophies of tlie submucous tissue.

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duced but little fever and very few vesicles or eruptions and that the

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TABLE. Five Gm. of Glucose in Solution Injected Intravenously

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mediate host. This nematode worm is the most common

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enough to know whether or not this supposition is well founded

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inflicted upon the nervous system of the female dur

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ship between the tendency to dyspnea in cardiac patients and the vital

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influence in causing the disease though in some cases

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the last six days and there have been no chill.s. Vision

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indeed the popular idea concerning them has not advanced beyond this

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Perforation of the coats of the viscus occurred in some

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