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require the laying on of hands before the mysterious rapping commences.

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nature of the nuclear lesion and in eight autopsies

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means of a syringe. The plug may also be dipped in the injection

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make it next to imperative that the specialist should be consulted.

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service by pushing it up from the outside. If it cannot

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others as to the frequent supervention of articular rheumatism

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cases in which the foreign body is in the anterior portion of

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objectionable on account of their tendency to produce palpitation dys

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College and later in McGill University. In Bishop s College

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In the acidity is always slight and the condition is distinguished from

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Describe the necessary sanitary precautions during the

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teristic symptom complex Addison s disease has been found to be asso

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stiff and firm. Rubber plaster is rather too soft for this

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the inhalation was followed by collapse of some minutes duration and

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exixpt tor the epicardial nodules. Tlie fat over the heart is gelatinous and

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One of the cases of o paratyphoid infection presented a very inter

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thoroughly scientific articles on this subject with which the reviewer is

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range employed should not exceed or fall below the temperature of the

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case which followed after protracted ulceration of the pocks. There

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fail A to relieve his patient If both objects can be accomplished so

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ist The great lawyers of that day were statesmen and the

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perhaps delirium. These symptoms which are commonly attended by

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have more or less gastro hepatic and intestinal disturbance.

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