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discharge is usually present. If the pharynx is also involved

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the fortieth year up the mortality in both are about even.

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or break up adhesions of the iris and inflammatory conditions of the cornea.

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physician of whom there are sixteen at the Springs.

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felt that a combination of an elevated I T ratio and a

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fined to the valleys and neighbourhood of water courses. From the

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he commonly pursued. It was his method of distinguish

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has been based upon purely individual opinions r arding the sub

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and some of them contain a lighter unstained area situ

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pressure to which they are subjected and then being disintegrated the

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sician ut will rarely fail. She will be neither disap

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pathetic. There is something inexpressibly moving in the slow and

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some days the condition seems to grow better either perma

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from another cause the ligatures remained securely on the divid

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College of Physicians the University of Pennsylvania the

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which she had been previously subject having entirely

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Destemalization of the Ribs. In La Province medicate

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In order to a more intelligent appreciation of the subject

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St. Christopher s Hospital for Children. Children s Sea

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the bowel terminating in a cul de sac just below the sigmoid flexure

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oceupied by the great majoritf of the medical profession and none can

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rural boards of health have failed to register all the deaths

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two different dairies situated at a distance from each other and having

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bonated waters containing small quantities of iron are effective only

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Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus may be mentioned the following The malig

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normal number of blood platelets to the circulating blood.

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rinary Surgeons brought here two specimens with the following

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becility and mania itself have been caused by many nmatode

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and techni iM have oonvinoed Biedeg that the Koentgen ray

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