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the general sjMiiptonis (fever, pain, de]iression) are by no means

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lesions, and the presence, sometimes, of a gradually increasing tumor of

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Duschek's Clinic sixty cases of typhoid fever treated by cold baths, with a

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ing up and developing all of the great schools connected with

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doors and windows were open. Now this has all been changed

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is rich in caffeine and theobromine. Kola nuts contain more

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more valuable for meeting all indications, and they should be preferred,

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have for their chief influence a modification of the soil-conditions on

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thought of. After a while the doctor will be called to stop

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medical means any type of local or general infections, such as

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5 per cent, of the cases, and congenital stenosis of the pulmonary ori-

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The symptoms are not always distinctive, and may be entirely nega-

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other. These have three semicircular notches, fitting three galvanized

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back, etc. ; enlarged spleen ; rose-colored spots ; bronchitis ;

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yngitis, edema of the larynx, acute bronchitis, each 1}

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typhoid form and result fatally. In all cases that pursue a favorable

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and chronic nephritis may date from an attack of erysipelas. Per contra,

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tive reduction of the blood pressure agrees with this explanation, be-

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treatment of rheumatism and gout. The question here arises.

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general infirmities, and to carry the same habits out into the

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his clinic, he would pick up a knife, count, with deliberation,

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and reach even a dangerous extent. The lymphatic glands are often

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The child is snugly wrapped in the damp sheet, which may be made

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Auhen a typical pyemic kidney is found containing minute abscesses.

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Musser, distinguished authors and teachers, Wallace, Stryker,

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at least thirty-five calories per kilogram of weight per day.

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intestinal catarrh. The joints and voluntary muscles may be painful.

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the later stages of this disease. In the early stages of the disease,

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Ranke has investigated the effect of muscular action upon the total

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to see and learn that because a man has a broken limb, he is

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mustela (weasels), being from them transferred to the cat

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successfully in California, Guevina avellana. The fruit has

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of Boston has recently produced skiagraphs that show the presence of

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I ask no concessions for this digression into this little na-

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dreams, goals, and destinies — these are the instruments of

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Published on the 20th of each month for the succeeding month. Address

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