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dysenteric varieties. In diminishing tissue change and in
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sequence of thrombosis of the right side of the heart
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Baltimore she had passed the Azores the children on board remained
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splint. The child had had in infancy a congenital talipes equi
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muscle. The paralysis is usually proportionate to the
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course to keep a stock of thoroughbred whales though grades
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toms of weakness paleness of the membranes and often some
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cipitants of albumin must be regarded as absolutely
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in a thousand. Small pox caused deaths in Sheffield in Bristol
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without any previous signs of illness or they may droop
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find in this case an unusual prominence on the right
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This seemed to him to disinfect the system and thereby irajjrove
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fellow voyagers some of whom perished on the heights of
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Bohea is an inferior quality of tea brought like all the rest
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in the alimentary canal the blood circulating in the walls of the intestine
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festations and the obscure etiology. X ray work while adding
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The particular interest in cases of removal of the radius at its lower
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The patient was then removed to her bed and allowed freedom of
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Adolph Hartung M.D. Assistant Professor of Roentgenology
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dril at their end made of ten or a dozen small roundish
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advocate that in future the upper half of the vagina should be
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In Europe this plague has prevailed occasionally for
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tively. A strain which has grown as fusiform bacilli in dextrose
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falls entirely or more frequently is partially disabled. This
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generation and often occasioned by contusions or pressure.
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The Committee have performed the duty assigned to them
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out morbid beauty unwonted brilliancy of the rose as nitrate
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of the eyes showed that the discs were still hazy a few
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he is the source of infection and its chief method of spread.
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for all but seldom occurring exceptional directions the
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Before proceeding further with the consideration of cleansing
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P.S. After the hearing a decidedly necessary and im
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is perhaps the most frequent form of the disease in

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