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of small pox in man is recorded in China as early as years

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quency in myopes the reason for which seems plain enough but a

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Sheep Pox. The variola of sheep is of greater importance to

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membrane which is clogged by granulations. The perforation is cleaned

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nervousness continued for two years the patient not having

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loss of many millions of dollars among the cattle raisers

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bility of the existence of another more deeply situated stricture.

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rate heat was found prevailing for a varying length of time after

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bladder and depressing its handle an increased discharge has

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group meetings retreat participants spend time together at meals parties and at

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inj deriphyllin mechanism of action

with a view to laying down somewhat dogmatically a certain

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can only be shown and demonstrated by the examination of the

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easfr lovers if Britain is to hold her rightful position in the world.

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as heavy as millstones with her huge gifts of clothing

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useful and always proper when no particular contraindication

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who are sent there from the North and in some instances they take

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and there are two signs which Dr. Buchanan thinks are valua

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ed in sending the work and we are only sorry that they have

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expect that the discrepancy which at present exists between the state

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to discover their causes and the methods to be employed in preventing and

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eight minutes. Reaction was good there was no shock her recov

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During the last month I was called to see a woman who told

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factors of the anopheles men and plasmodia are equally necessary no

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results as to the presence of a stone and particles

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two as was expected it remained open for several weeks in spile

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tween ligatures that the intestines could be separated

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