Diclogesic Notice

Treatment To children give two tablets of No. at night.
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tightly nipped in the left obturator foramen the whole circumfer
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water may vary in different paru of the same systeoi
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illustrated in disease of the lower region of the spine in
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breast. In the former we shall find there is great emaciation
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some pain of a paroxysmal character. The temperature was under the
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vessels but from a worn out excitement of the brain which in
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ship has been further studied by Underbill and Kleiner who showed
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first two rabbits operated on that were found to be normal were
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peripheral anastomoses and sporadic ganglia are such re
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and it was moved and seconded that a committee of three be
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were cases of positive foci of disease of the brain or spinal cord.
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ago who was found beneath her bed groping for some
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traction had to be employed. In the second case the cervix was
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similar to those already described in septicaemia but are usually some
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smploms can be considered as settled as can any question in the open
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is tied down and a firm dressing is applied. Accurate coaptation
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That the nineteen colleges of to day as enumerated in the report
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pastures dried up. It is essential in order to avoid loss of
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fragments. The patient had recovered from the effects of this accident previous
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form the most appropriate treatment of the syphilides of infan
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this subject upon the statement that the local hospitals are justified
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Diagnosis. Difficult or usually impossible before the local lesion
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that the reason assigned for consenting to an operation which was recognized
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the same on both legs. The next day after resting the animal
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and swore sacrament he would not wear a cross no the devil
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raised. Another extensive outbreak now prevailing extends over
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instruct patients to avoid the use of salt on the food
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months the nutrition of the hand showed great improvement.
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The Children s Hospital always has a full quota of tubercular

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