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The causes of the troubles, the pathological conditions,

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The technique of the procedure has been entered into with a detail

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Naunyn, on the other hand, uses a modified and more temperate bath-

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why certain districts which were very liable to the aff"ection should have

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manner; that is, the arterioles and capillaries fill, so that in the healthy

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dition weakens the cardiac walls and leads to dilatation of the ventri-

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size, but even are dilated beyond it, so that more blood is received by

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than cane-sugar. Two grains a day may be taken for a long

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ommend that large doses — gr. xx to 3j (1.29 to 4.0) — should be admin-

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Strasser claims that the relative increase of P 2 6 after hydriatic

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Now, an important question comes up: what about the

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they have done and are doing in practical therapeutics and

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been pointed out previously {vide p. 21), but from a clinical point of

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be determined by the type of case, the severity of the toxemia,

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in him to the great John Hunter, his great admiration, and

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cernible, as in the case of suppuration in the mesenteric glands, etc.

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poleon was at the very acme of his power. All this had its

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now that here the urethra is most often involved, and that the

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matters favor rather than retard digestion, and the bouquet

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not white, no scales on the stalk, but a bag-like membrane

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water, larger quantities may be used. The dripping-sheet, so highly

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prisoner of war at Stettin, and of his fellow townsmen, Tripier and

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puscles, alveolar epithelium, the 3Iicrococcus Janceohttus (usually Avith

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general emaciation, which may become mo.«t pronounced, and the skin is

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skin, not arranged in any recognizable type, which seems to enable us

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agree with. I once knew of an ardent temperance woman

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it causes the disease. It may l>e tiiat tlic actual causative factor

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There should also be a steam douche, supplied with low-pressure

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less neutral, and do not emulsify properly with the bile and

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Chronic Prostatic Hypertrophy. — About thirty-three and one-third

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the otium cum dignitate without the accompanying opium cum

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I give here the chemical analysis of the average apricots,

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standard, as to skimming or watering, can be measured by

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careful in his herding. Individual bedsteads will take the

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the economy. Thus Kinckraann in 64 autopsies found 25 cases of

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^The name Acetophen will identify "Frosst's" products

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cows. Since Jenner's time many theories have been advanced as to the

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