Does Carafate Ause Stomach Pain

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female pruritus vulvce, a most troublesome symptom and one that should

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usually affect the decussating fibers, causing blindness of the nasal halves

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solution of salicylic acid. Subsequently warm water alone may be em-

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sensory fibers to the mucous membrane of the larynx above the vocal

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soon as this harmonious balance is disturbed, either as the result of in-

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milk, should the patient become decidedly hungry, may be added in the

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prone to the affection than females, and the period of chief liability is

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Loss of sensation precedes the pressure-palsy. The history too will

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monium muriate, gr. v-x ad ^j — 0.324-0.648 ad 32.0) are valuable in

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considerably in the early stages of the disease, the graver symptoms of

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almost pathognomonic of this condition. These symptoms, in the ab-

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pericardial friction-sound, and later the presence of the effusion. I have

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would be expected, then, the capacity for sustained mental work is gener-

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University School of Medicine. By Dean John P. -Sutherland,

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of the oral cavity (usually secondary from extension), and an account

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backward (Opisthotonus) without loss of consciousness. This

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The treatment of the attack must be prompt and energetic, though

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nervous dyspepsia, but are more constantly present. The analysis of

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Modern Views of Syphilis and Its Treatment. Baar. $2.00. D. Appleton

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child had always been complaining and had just before going to bed in

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nants of food, and is acid in reaction. pus, and alkaline in reaction.

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.The influence of sex and age as causal factors is notable and in

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Lange, whose recent visit to this country has stimulated new in-

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harmful. Since the relief obtained from their use is due to the sedatives

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they are normal above the site of the tumor, abolished in its neighborhood,

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oi ii J / 2 years, with such results as are here shown, the food, air,

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O-eneral symptoms, as constitutional depression, anorexia, diarrhea,

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guished by the fact that their limbs become quiet as soon as they lie down.

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and of our fellow- workers in the cause of medical science ?"

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The stomach must now have absolute rest for about twenty-four

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from the left auricle into the left ventricle, thus causing pidmonary

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granular debris. Examined microscopically, the sputum is seen to be

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empyema necessitatis, pulsating pleurisy). The latter term is the most

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blood is ejected in mouthfuls, we may safely infer that erosion of a ves-

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(150-740 c.c). Suppression occurs in some cases of toxic origin, when

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