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vice president Dr. Walter H. Buhlig Gallipolis secretary and

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medicine ought to be alive to the recognition of the labours of a

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rations while his body is bent forward resting upon his hands.

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ing the tumour for about four inches in length sinking the knife

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military standpoint the only ones deserving of ccmsideration are the

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certainly could not be secondary because secondary time has

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and information. The articles are alphabetically arranged

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that Dominion within ninety days prior to their arrival

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arterial ci illaries and to expand the absorbents. The cold water and

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a neck which at first is narrow and smooth but gradually becomes

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system steadily above the natural excitement. But the very

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use of the catheter. The consequence of this ignorance is that cases

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ported and many of them had occurred in physicians.

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studied the general agreement of all the results permits the condition

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to serous effusion have not arisen from this cause

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palpable. Liver dullness extends from sixth rib to costal

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row bounds A disposition to diseases of the urinary organs

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able to withstand any protracted operation or severe

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may precede or accompany the ascites as the serous or the

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fered from a number of attacks of intermittent before com

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requires that potential benefits be weighed against

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I believe an intermediate stage between two conditions which though

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decreased. In Case V however theocin is followed by an increase

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that it is difficult to remove them indeed it is exceedingly diffi

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in appendix number one. At the present time the oath or a

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tracism will make him forever an outcast from the medical pro

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Brain increases with the moop and is rendej ed moist

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stantial and conclusive data concerning the epidemic and the

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thin and abused horse under a new and kindly master who is

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