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be easily made out. This form of hemorrhage need not be

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for the a j lieation and extension of wryneek have seemed

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j the medicine ami performed the so called canthoplastic

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dress that she consulted me. She was born and bred in New

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Nitrate of silver efEects of on epithelial and gland cells

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of New Haven Conn. read a paper in which he said that as

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the liver is eiFected gt and the greater is the quan

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Pure silver or iron wire and the proper needle for their use may

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Medicines are of very little service in Raynaud s disease. One would

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weighed only and pounds each when they began to drink the blood and

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irregularity in soliciting a bowel movement are uni

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with the intestine. The patient finally was able to

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nervous in either case the blood may collect in waves

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DO rnenibrane for thirty six jr forty eight hours. The

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to be considered. Under the governing influence of his high

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the contraction appears of normal rapidity by comparing

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The story is simplicity itself. The writer received orders to

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the local trouble. Her last confinement occurred two

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Marshall s views on the treatment of varicose veins

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relation to the community as measured by dollars which is

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this disease with great care and I have constantly found altera

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As to excision he thought with Mr Chiene that hypertrophied

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Diagnosis. Liability to error is easy in the early stages of

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blood in an inflamed vessel is that it depends on a diminution

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had slept during the fore part of the night and had perspired

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and quite independently of all mechanical filtration.

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Basbam On Dropsy connected with Diseases of the Kidjiey London

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made and seconded and passed by a vote of in favor

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wound by suture if possible or to cover it in by grafts but

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wear and tear to the engine is tremendous but its cyli

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relative frequency in recruits with and without thyroid

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a corrugated appearance. Coating the affected mucosa is

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Progress in Medical Education. The Iowa State Board of

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hypalgesia over three toes with a diminution in the acuity of deep muscle

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making a deligation of them then slit the vein cast out the gross

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