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ing. 1st. Repeated topical bleedings by leeches, and cupping.

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of alcohol was derived from the saccharization of the starch of

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although the mucous membrane from the bronchial canals is

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the present work. Now, let us see whether the London College

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the loss of gastric juice secretion was as permanent

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ceed to state — " licet ex his quaedam nostro more praecipere ma-

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Wednesday, May sut. — Section in Otolog>- and Lar-

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§ " Archives Gtntrales de Mtdecine, Octobre, 1835.

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Nor was 1 certain that I had such a case before me. Could smoking-

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deprived me of the opportunity of carrying into effect a few expe-

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in collecting these facts, the method I adopted, on observing the

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01 the donor with cells of the recipient, but during

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44, the child weighing at this time seventeen and a

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colicky, i. e., frequently recurrmg. pains are prob-

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inflammation. And even though as yet pathological anatomy has not

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impaired. Fref|ueiitly this condition is diagno.sed as

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First, kidney infections have their origin in acute

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As a result, trotting horses were continually used at

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the fact of childhood infection as the chief source

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have added a word to the quotation, for we are aware that our

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these are being trained on practically the same lines

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number, 70 are affected with Goitre : but it must not be supposed,

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into the pleural cavity, if sufficiently pronounced,

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as aids in the distribution, of smaller quantities of

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culty was experienced in establishing the treatment,

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disease was readily detected : the pulsations were so strong that

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bandage. Small splints of a foot in length are applied either

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penis is put on the stretch, so that all urethral and

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up than when in the prone position on the left side.

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nial pain. Therefore, the diagnosis of syr- Bacillus coli Escherich ? ^ Saccharose

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erally recover from the rapid intravenous injection

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of countenancing illicit intercourse. The Pecksniffs

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