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year. The true question for consideration was, at what period of infantile life

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stated that on the 10th of January, while engaged at work, he had been sud-

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it reposes in the hatter's window. Why not leave it

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quently frictions, astringent gargles, enemas, and warm baths completed the

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Dr. Hirschler^ of Pesth (quoted in VirchoVs ^Jahresbe-

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This preparation is used cold, being made to penetrate into the carious exca-

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—a mixture of both. The arsenical sulphuric acid, if the poison be not in

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2ndly. That the eflfects from the injection were direct and compara-

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should certainly adopt by way of preference. Its basis is

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fectly healthy persons often have diphtheria germs in the

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He has applied it in the form of suppository with cacao butter,

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the impurity being dependent on volatile oils will be shown by

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ten in females, and nineteen in males.) — YemeuiL l^reatment of

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for the health of a geranium or a rose or a potato vine.

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bladder, into which it opened as usual, but ascending towards the kidney-

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enable the reader to at once perceive their extent and boundaries.

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judiced; although we imi^ine some will sniff in them rank

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the right side, extending from the clavicle, which it had thrown considerably

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author's first chapter is, ''On the Method of the Study

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we concluded from the diminished size of the aorta and its branches, which

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Appended to Dr. Watson's pamphlet is a collection of cases,

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