Flonase Nasal Drops

successful in England with regard to phthisis, and apparently

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were conferred :—.'/. A; John Panting, M.A., of King's College (thesis.

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of Lincoln's Inn Fields and Cleveland Gardens, to Christabel Eleanor

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lows : Chloroform, 1 death in 2,899 administrations; chloro-

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Still I may say that the difficulties met with prior to the

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of a mill imposed by the Bill will, it is estimated, yield

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fully the high qualifications of such London physicians and

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Moody- Ward now saw her, advised laparotomy, and kindly

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Lylham ; Mr. G. W. Eglinton, Street. (F) Mr. F. B. Fisher, Dorchester;

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be expected from any method of treatment, since even if the

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sician to the public hospital of Nitheroy and a prominent

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GENERAL HOSPITAL, Birmingham,— Assistant Obstetric Officer. Resi-

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African Mountain Stations, in which I say " that at Bloem-

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grades himself by bringing such a charge against men like the

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ago I had a special set of instruments made, all of them

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April 17th gradual improvement took place. Pieces of mem-

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of the nation. Increasing years and an honourable leisure

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haemorrhage occurred, the third proving fatal (ibid., iJo,

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in favour of the plaintiff. The defendant's paper published a report of

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Sir,— In the Analysis of the Leprosy Commission Report

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