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there are many Species, as 1. Brajjica vulgaris fat iva.

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gill ifiowers, and the like : their Color is green, and

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leav’d, with a dipt Trunk. 2. Pfeudonarciffus Hi-

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which always continues /meet whilft growing in it’s

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Stalks of Winged Leaves , as finely cut as Fennel ,

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rife up fomeahat like Fig-wort, hut generally higher,

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and by wood-cuts, beautifully executed by Gilks, one

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finely fnipt or dented about the edges , and grow;?;:;

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color , and fometimes of a deeper yellow •, after which

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plied in the fame manner as Sciatica Creffes -, and

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be one of the belt things againft the Rickets in Chil-

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reafon of their fpreading ; it creeps under the Sit-

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Just Published, in One V r olume, square 8vo., handsomely bound, gilt, price I4s.

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ter lodged there, as alfo in the Reins, Ureters and

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given of it at a time in a Glafs of Wine, all the faid purpofes and Intentions, and maybe

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the Plague, and all forts of Peftilential Difeafes.

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cumstances is an erroneous diagnosis of typhoid fever made.

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Xow the third drug that has been used, praised and condemned

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seems to me a rational method since poliomyelitis, as already pointed

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tick’ Hyfterick, and Arthritick -, Alterative, and Ana-

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J living that it ferns to be of a little bleaker or paler

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Flowers : A 'or here in England does it ever flower

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full out of fo pure a white color : they are fix in

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but the tenor of the remarks and the distribution of the ap-

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es of a dark blewijh green color on the tipper fide,

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Fluxes of ’ the’ t S gr i‘ PingS ’ ,“ d ft °P s a11 r ° i?ts of

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than the fecond, with us-, Jpr coding out more fen-

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iVoolf s-bane and Oleander or Rife-Bay : but as molt

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very fmall, and in a loofe Head, cf a purplijl) red

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greateft effeff ; the Effence, or Decoction of its Roots

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fes before fpecified, but is a good Cordial againft

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Branches , Leaves , nor blowers , nor in its form or

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filling but of five Leaves, and fometimes but of three

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percentage of cases where death is due primarily to some other

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residing out of this state who shall be employed to come

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Beef -f net, of each an ounce and half Cbymical Oil

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weaker, and therefore muff he given in larger quan-

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