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ings of the muscles precede death. I have only seen

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comitant events. For, if the maturation of the pus-

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works, and signs himself" Chir", nnd has a comfortable practice ;

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you ; name the organ of which it is a part, and give

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the number of fits. It diminishes congestion within

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same kind and degree as that practised in Dr. Bell's

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too, refeiTing to that centre of grandeur, the seat

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stances prevailed which liave the property, like mer-

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â– visited There will be soirees of a scientific character

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pleuritic from a pericardiac effusion, especially when no zone of

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of R. B. Hayward, Esq., Surgeon, formerly of Epping.

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was feeble, at 130 to 140; his tongue dry and white;

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the Injury : Rupture of the Staphylomato^is Portion of

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are honourably attached to instruments which they first originated.

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kilogrammes ; and he passed on the average -428 of a

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been performed with gastric juice artificially made,

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There was no knowledge of disease of the heart in antiquity.

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and at once succeeded in stopping the flow of blood.

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the liquid is reduced to a state of subdivision by the

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