Rocaltrol Is Used

that hospitals are for the poor, and would refer, after the

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Profit for 1892 brought from Revenue Account 5,021 3

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India, and liad submitted to. them a memorandum on further

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immediate reference to Appendix 12 of the Medical Regulations, aud I

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gastrium—I came to the conclusion that the bleeding was due

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Hall. Wednesday, 24th. Operations. l.:» to about .5.30 p.m. at Examina-

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surrounds the pupil of the eye and absorbs the rays of light

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was not until October hth that she was admitted into the London Hos-

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proaching the term of its labours. A great deal of evidence

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Surgeons to the Leeds General Infirmary, fice J. G. Rowell, M.R.C.S.,

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in the flanks, with an obscure feeling of fluctuation. With

rocaltrol is used

which we are indebted to the courtesy of Professor Michael

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typhlitis is apparently brought about by constipation or

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