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my views on the subject was laid before the .Association at the sue.

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his possession of these qualities ; observing, in proof, ,

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tific and cruel, to say nothing of the loss both to the

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Finally something of the prognosis may be determined by a knowl-

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the diarrhoea, with dilute sulphuric acid, and chloric

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quired for the professional curriculum, it would be a

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cessary and safe where formerly they did injury. To

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amputation ; 2, the perineal operation ; 3, the nar-

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Journal ; but his first duty is so to conduct it as to

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Brickwell. On October 2nd, at Sawbridgeworth, Herts, aged SC,

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cal and medical professors had often been considered

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in this country and cholera has been introduced, it

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Janet Dunbar, widow of Jonathan Featherston, M.D., of Newbas

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translator had a bad dictionary, but so it fell out

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" In a report, M. Behic, the Minister, expresses his

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opinion of the value of the plan of treatment adopted.

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admit that there had been a considerable revolution,

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laud, Skoda, Hoffmann, Gueneau de Mussy (Petit). These cases

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in danger, one almost past hope of recoverj' ; and, as

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chills and fever connected with the pyaemia. The temperature in

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offered up a beautiful thanksgiving prayer for their

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tercepting lobbies, with windows on both sides. The

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15 Memorandum to the Chairman of the Sanitarv Committee of

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valuable application of science dming the last three

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whether or no the plaintiff was ill-treated ; and, in

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with her he observed that he had great difficulty in

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presently refer, several minor ones which I need not

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many years mixed up with political parties. Durino-

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Gladstone, unites, to administrative talents of the

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as when one tissue of a similar type replaces another ;

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tion are the result of iU performed vaccination ; un-

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the absolute necessity of a sound preliminai'y educa-

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hides in Zealand very cheap, because they were for-

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PELLATTand Co. submit the following PRICES of VIALS, for

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