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^75.00. Third year $100.00. Fourth year free to those hi

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are rapidly combined. If, too, it be certain that the entire route

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nurses," "rest cure," "massage," "faradization," "galvanization," "static electrization," "Swedish

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tending to the farther amelioration of the criminal code, and

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same wards with adidts, and are thus ezpqsed to both physical and

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reported by Dr. W. L. Wells, the patient abstained for several weeks from

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local symptoms. The pain may be severe, the tenderness great, the decu-

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is sometimes felt by the touch in cases of disease. The sphygmograph

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of warm water in acute bronchitis has been already referred to. In chronic

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less frequent and violent ; these intercurrent diseases interfere with the

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angina without, cardiac disease. The following description will relate to

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several cases of amaurosis with striking protrusion of the eye-

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It Restores Normal Action to the Uterus, and imparts Vigor to the

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required to compress the artery are the evidences of strength.

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essential to the due extrication of the life forces.

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it exists, is modified by the general disorder, and the complaint

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